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Step 1: Choose Your Work Preference

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Step 2: Choose Your Project

Select a project that you want us to create for you. You can choose multiple projects at a time.

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  • Visibility - Official business listings in start-up, product launch, and business directories. 
  • Copy - Have the copy that will help your sales page as well as boost your website rankings. 
  • Email (Coming Soon) -  Multiple email campaigns catered to your customer process.  
  • Engagement - Put your company in the center of discussion of where your target audience is expressing a need
  • Social Media and Content - Social media  calendar to put the most relevant material from your company in front of your potential customers consistently.
  • Evergreen (coming soon) -Paid advertising project that targets a group of individuals who have triggered the campaign.   
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How It Works

Research - We will conduct specific research based on the customers chosen workflow project. We want to know more about the customers target audience, where they are, how are they interacting with current competitors, what are the benchmarks, as well as how we can effectively position in the market.

Plan - After we research we will plan out the project chosen and customize it if necessary. At this time we can find out due dates and schedule follow up meetings

Create & Launch - We spend the time here to create the project and prepare it for delivery. After creation we have a launch meeting to deliver the finished product to be reviewed for launch. **At this time, payment is received for the completion of the project

Analyze - After we have successfully launched the product we will follow up with your results from the project that we have completed for you. 

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Service Features

  • Flexible Payment Options - Paying for marketing does not need to be expensive. Choose a payment plan that works best for your budget.
  • Collaborative Workspaces-  Our program uses the best software for collaborative workspaces. Gain access to our research, plans, creation details, and analysis. Comment on suggestions and manage our workflow every step of the way
  • Property Retention - We create for you! Keep all intel created for you which includes : Demos, media, reports, copy and much more.
  • Featured Story - On project launch be featured on our blog for an added level of exposure.
  • Support and Reporting - After we have launched your campaign, we’re not done. We’ll follow up with you to show you the performance of our project completion!

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