Social Media For Business : Identifying Your Target Audience

Jan 01, 2019

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Why is it important to identify and target your ideal customer effectively? Skipping this step when you plan for your business can cost you thousands in the long run.

You’ll spend more money with ads because your audience will not be defined. Furthermore you’ll have lower sales and your lead generation with be almost non-existent​

So what does it mean to identify and target your ideal customer effectively? This quick questionnaire will show you how to plan for your ideal customer that will save you time and money.

Essential Questionnaire that will ignite your sales process

  1. List and Identify 10 Features and Benefits of your product/service

  2. Select Your Ideal Customer

    • Consumer

    • Small Business

    • Corporation

    • Government

    • Non-for-Profit 

  3. What are 10 Challenges they are currently experiencing right now in relation to the subject that you specialize in?

  4. What are 10 outcomes they must obtain to tell their personal networks about your business? (lose 10 pounds, gain sales, etc)

  5. What solutions do they currently seek?

  6. What challenges do they face when purchase your product/service? (Too expensive, low quality, cant purchase online/ ease of use, etc)

  7. What types of groups do they support or participate in?

  8. What is currently being sold to them? 

  9. What newsletters or magazines do they currently read specific to their challenges?

  10. What is their average age

  11. Where are they located

  12. How much income do they earn/ what is their average budget

5 Powerful Reasons why a detailed audience plan leads to an explosive campaign.

Having the above information is not enough. You need to be able to implement it in a strategy in order to start seeing results. Here are a few reasons why you need the information above to create a solid marketing campaign.

Using features and benefits to create a solution for your customers issues 

Look at the photo above. This example shows how Kajabi uses features and benefits to provide their prospect a sought for outcome. If you can accurately determine your customers pain points, you position your features and benefits that provide a solution to that specific pain point.

  1.  You will be able to use features and benefits in landing pages where people can clearly identify with what you are sharing 
  2. You can use your feature and benefits within a testimonial where your prospect can identify with another customer who has went through similar pain points 
  3. You will be able create content that explains your product/service process in a way that solves a customers pain point.

Without planning to observe the prospects that you interact with, you won't know what they are struggling with inside, to commit to your product. By understanding the solutions they seek, you’ll know how to deliver those solutions.  

 Simplify your buying process

Is your product/service to high? Is your online portal not loading properly? Are there too many steps in the buying process? Customers like simplicity. What about your product/service is the customer rejecting?

You will find this out by testing and surveying your customers. This is as easy as sending out a questionnaire and listening to your customers about the service you offer and how it can be improved.

It is also always recommend for an ideal online sale processes to have a two step function. Keep the information that you ask your customer limited to what's necessary to keep it simple!


Finding groups relevant to your product/service and targeting those customers

When you find out where your prospect customers are, you’ll know how to target them better

Using social media and researching for these groups can create opportunities for you to pivot the existing traffic to try your complimentary service.

Take note of complementary services, and keep a list of competitors within your niche

Tip: Use Facebook to search groups and take note of their audience size, pages liked by the page, and the related pages section. Keep track of these different audiences and interests for advanced targeting! 

Advanced targeting with age, location, and income to lower your overall ad spend

When you increase the accuracy of your age, location, and income, you’ll have a better strategy. It doesn't make sense to spend money on people who are not qualified or will not buy. 

You can take the information and apply it if you are running Google ads or Facebook ads.

Using what is being sold to them and creating a new solution that can compliment that service.

What is currently being sold to your customer? Finding out your competitions services can help you generate ideas for how you may want to approach that audience and tailor your product to complement what they have purchased.


We covered important information in this simple guide

  1. I demonstrated how defining your audience could save you money

  2. I provided a key questionnaire to the Audience Planner

  3. I went over benefits of why these questions need to be completed

  4. I gave detailed instructions on how you can use the information to create a powerful plan

This can all be useless if you do not implement any of these strategies consistently, and that's not what we want.

Take the time to fill out your Target Audience Planner today. Please allocate time for this activity as it may be time consuming. But the information you receive is critical to the success of your company

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